__________ COMPANY PERSONNEL __________ Our   small   company   is   comprised   of   dedicated   personnel   who   will   ensure   that   you   receive   a   high level   of   service   during   your   property   search.   Through   our   network   of   professional   contacts,   we   are able   to   provide   the   full   range   of   related   services   such   as   legal   advice,   city   permitting,   architecture, construction, interior design, refurbishment, maintenance and staffing. __________ PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION __________ This   website   collects   tracking   data   from   visitors   by   use   of   a   cookie    file   that   is   installed   on   the   visitors computer,   where   it   is   stored   in   the   same   folder   as   other   cookies   and   is   easily   deleted   if   desired.   The data   collected   is   stored   on   a   secure   remote   server   that   is   dedicated   to   website   analysis,   and   the   data utilized   is   of   generic   nature   and   nothing   is   collected   that   could   be   used   to   identiry   or   communicate with a site visitor. Any   information   that   is   voluntarily   sent   to   us   from   site   visitors   or   clients   is   protected   by   us   and   never distributed   to   other   parties   --   client   confidentiality   and   personal   data   security   are   guaranteed   by   us at all times. __________ MERCANTILE INFORMATION __________ KEY MARESME REAL ESTATE is the trading (doing business as) name of the following privately-held and legally-registered company in Spain: KE PROJECTS & SERVICES S.L. Fiscal (Tax) identification number (NIF): B-55138614  Company registration documents: Mercantile Registry of Barcelona, Tomo 45112, Folio 54, Hoja 477188 Registered company location: Avinguda del Regadiu 12, Sant Vicenç de Montalt (Barcelona) 08394 Catalonia, Spain __________ CONTACT US __________ Please contact us at any time, we look forward to hearing from you: E-mail:   info@keyrealestate.eu Mobile Phone:  +34  678 446 473  Office Phone:   +34  93 793 1421
__________ WEBSITE POLICY__________ We   maintain   our   property   listings   with   concise   and   easy-to-read   information, so   with   minimum   time   and   effort   the   listings   most   relevant   to   a   client   can   be found    and    evaluated.    We    maintain    this    website    ourselves    and    promptly remove   (or   tag   as   sold )   all   properties   that   are   no   longer   available,   therefore visitors always see real estate that is really available. Please contact us to discuss a Maresme Coast home – we look forward to hearing from you. __________ PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION __________  We   are   an   associate   in   good   standing   of   the   Catalan   Association   of   Property   Agents,   Girona province   chapter,   referred   to   as   API   Girona .   Our   member   number   is   1034   and   our   affiliation   can be   verified   in   the      associates   listing    section   of   the   association.   API   Girona   is   a   public   non-profit corporation   that   is   approved   by   the   Catalan   autonomous   government,   and   all   professional   real estate agents are required to be associates of a provincial API. We   are   also   approved   by   the   regional   government   Catalan   Housing   Agency    to   transact   real   estate business within this region of Spain, with official number AICAT 6897 .
All Rights Reserved 2015 – KE Projects & Services S.L. Inscribed in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona Province Avinguda Regadiu 12, Sant Vicenç de Montalt, Maresme County (Barcelona) 08394 Catalonia Spain  Tel. +34  93 793 1421   Mob. +34  678 446 473
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